**Try my VIP Option!** Purchase a 4-block group of sessions (45min. each) for $235 and get this token that gives you discounts for future readings and other goodies:

VIP Token: Get Discounts For Future Readings!

(After purchase, email me with order number and name. I will contact you for setting up an appointment: Available: 6PM-10PM M-F, Sat/Sun 12PM-10PM).

VIP Session Block: 4-45 min. sessions (get a chip that allows for discounts on all future readings–no refunds for unused sessions–Expires six months after purchase **no refunds for unused sessions**): $235

Tarot Read (10 Cards) With Healing and 3-Card Oracle Pull (1 Hour; Zoom/Skype): $80

Straight Tarot Read (8 Cards) with 1 Card Oracle Pull (45 minutes; Zoom/Skype): $60

Email Reading: 8-Card mini Celtic Cross Spread: $55 (between 500-1000 word writeup)

Quick Fire 3-Card Spread and 1 Card Oracle Pull (20 min; Zoom/Skype): $25

Forecast For the Month: This includes a card pull for the month in the following areas:

Energy, Love, Money, Work, Health, Spirit. This will be emailed to you: $55

Event Bookings in the Nashville or surrounding areas: $100/hour (2 hour minimum) + $15 travel fee (must be under a 45-min drive one way). Please text/call to discuss.

**Payment for readings and events must be received at time of appointment confirmation. Until payment is received, your time may be forfeited. Please take advantage of the “Add to Cart” options and use PayPal! You can text me, and we can lock in your date and time!

**Payment options: PayPal, Zelle, CashApp. (I can take a major credit card, but information will have to be obtained by phone).