Enjoy occult and mystical classes taught by Scarlet Darkwood. Her goal is to offer a variety of classes in divination, mystical teachings, and working with angelic and spirit realms! There will be more classes added in the future as they are created and offered for students. They will be added here on this page too.

Here are two courses that will get you started:

Self-Coach With Tarot: Live Your Authentic Life!

This course will teach you how to read tarot cards. You will not only learn the traditional meanings of the cards, but you will get a taste of the mystical meanings as well. This is a feature not found in many courses, and most readers don’t broach this information when reading for their clients. The mystical aspects of the cards and more flavor, depth, and insight, along with the usual interpretations. The course is straight-forward, simple, and easy to complete. There are self-guided worksheets for each card, which will take you through reflective questioning to help coach yourself out of any problem. A great way to learn tarot and move yourself forward in any situation. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE COURSE

Divination With Polyhedral Dice

This course teaches you polymancy using polyedral dice. This is Scarlet Darkwood’s unique way of using role-playing dice to help you divine answers for learning life lessons, discovering elemental and zodiacal energies that would be most beneficial, and finding out those deadly sins you most need to avoid. This course is easy, fun, and will soon have you using these fascinating and fun dice so you can focus on what you need to for the next few months. You will also be able to use this method with clients or friends. CLICK HERE TO TAKE THE COURSE