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  • Do life’s curveballs and blessings leave you scratching your head?
  • Have you always suspected there has to be more things at work in the universe, but the answers simply elude you?
  • Do you want to unravel the mystery that’s at the heart of what makes you tick?
  • Do you want to bask in the glory of the “Ah-ha!” moment when the true essence of success stares you in the face? Better yet, you’ll understand how and why you got there!
  • Do you want to move forward, gain knowledge, and most of all gain power over you and your world?
  • Do you want to discover how you and all of us fit in the universe and how to make everyday mundane tasks more purpose-driven, productive, and successful?

You can’t control everyone else, but you can completely control you!

To answer the above questions, enroll in The Scarlet Mystic School!

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About The Scarlet Mystic School

The beautiful, mystical Scarlet Mystic School opened it’s doors April 20, 2023. Classes will be added continually. Register now, and you can start one of them today!

  • It’s time to connect with your intuition
  • It’s time to self-coach with tarot and other divination tools.
  • Learn mystical principles that take the guesswork out of daily living
  • Explore ways to understand and connect to your higher self
  • Discover how to use mysticism cohesively with pagan methods
  • Face your true self and learn to embrace it
  • Engage in bonus Zoom discussions with Scarlet Darkwood and fellow students when you enroll in a paid course.

Benefit from the calls:

  • Meet Scarlet Darkwood and ask any questions you have
  • Meet other students
  • Learn from others
  • Share experiences and learn how to problem-solve tenuous situations
  • Discover practical steps that boost your success on life’s journey

Who Benefits From The Scarlet Mystic School?

  • Those who want to dispel myths that dogma has embedded in their brains
  • People who want to better understand how they truly connect to spirit
  • Those who want to debrief and entertain methods to rouse their power and use it well
  • People who are not afraid of discovering who they really are and what they can achieve
  • Those who want to connection with their intuition and learn self-coaching skills

Who Needs To Walk Away From This School?

  • Those steeped in fear of the stories they’ve heard for years
  • Those entrenched in an accepted teaching and have no desire to learn something new
  • Those who do not wish to explore other paths for fear they will be doomed
  • Those who use their feelings of powerlessness as a crutch for non-improvement

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Temper your frustrations! Enjoy the good things that happen. Powerhouse yourself to the finish line that is success, harmony, and peace. No more hamstringing yourself with negative self-talk and wringing your hands when life gives you lemons! Celebrate your victories. Cheer on your self-confidence. Meet challenges and create better outcomes for yourself!

Learn what magick really is!

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Philosophy and Teaching

Scarlet Darkwood has studied mysticism since 2000. She is also a certified tarot reader through the International Institute For Complementary Therapists, and has been reading cards off and on for over 30 years. She sees the value of what she has learned and wants to introduce mystical concepts to you.

There are many tools out there that teach you about yourself and the power you hold. Understanding mysticism and how it works creates a life that is fulfilling, purposeful, and a blessing to yourself and others.

Scarlet has also been studying the occult/pagan path and quickly discovered that many approaches and concepts from those traditions blend sensibly with mystical laws, driving home the ability to manifest what you want in life.

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What To Expect

There will be courses in tarot and other divination tools and how to use them to improve yourself and your life. You will delve deeper into yourself through the use of oracle decks. You will incorporate pagan methods that complement cosmic laws and advance your spiritual path. You will enjoy courses that delve deeper into mystical constructs so you gain a better understanding of how spirit and the mundane world interact. Greater security and peace of mind will be yours. You will know and love yourself better.

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Let’s Do This!

  • Connect with your intuition, learn self-care, learn self-coaching
  • Explore methods for moving energy to manifest desires and get more of what you want
  • Connect your conscious mind with your higher self and know what true guidance is
  • Harness your internal power so you never feel helpless again
  • Meet yourself on your own turf and unapologetically embrace who you are
  • Unravel the confusion of everyday living and stop spending hours steeped in frustration
  • Understand why things happen the way they do so you can take action when needed
  • Practice being your own best friend and a better one to others so you have lasting relationships and position yourself well for serving others
  • Have fun learning so you can evolve into the true person you were intended to be
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By registering today and creating your free personal account with The Scarlet Mystic School, you can participate in classes as they appear on the roster. Register now, and you’re ready to start!

**NOTE: There are no refunds on classes/services/products for any reason. Payment is due at checkout. If there a tech or other issues with any of the courses, please message me in the school message option or contact me via this website.

Participate in the excitement that is the intersection of tarot, mysticism, and the occult!

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