Okay, a funny thing happened on the way to the day job–I’ll call it work. I happened to be stopped at a traffic light and looked over to the car on my left–when what to my wandering eyes should appear, but a good living example of two of my characters in Pleasure House! I was stunned, not to mention smitten at the same time. You see, in this black car (failed to catch the make or model, but it looked nice and neat) sat a young man and woman. I couldn’t see their faces, but the backs of their heads left a lot to my immagination. They looked like they were in their twenties, and the guy had bright red hair, and his girlfriend had long blonde hair falling over her shoulders.

I sat back and chuckled to myself. Just think, Rose and Daren personified. Of course in Pleasure House, these two didn’t drive cars, but they spent time together during a few chapters in the book. In one of my posts, Getty Images Has Nothing On Me! I mentioned how difficult it was to even find good pictures of models who even remotely resembled your characters. Now, in living flesh, were two living, breathing specimens! Perhaps if I’d seen their faces I might have felt differently, but I didn’t; so I can always carry the experience with me that I saw two people who could have been my novel characters.

Just imagine what those two would have thought  if they’d been told what their character likenesses did in a book such as mine! Oh, the blushes–not to mention some squirming, I believe. I wonder who dominates who between the two? Do they practice the kinky stuff behind closed doors? What’s the kinkiest or naughtiest stuff they’ve ever done? Believe it or not, I have not obsessed over those last questions. I only thought of them now as I write this post.

What about you other writers out there? Have you ever seen who could have been your characters in your writings? If so, I’d like to hear about it. What was it like to experience that? Was it good for you too? Well, that question was uncalled for, but I couldn’t resist! As far as how it was for me–it made me smile. I still think about that couple, wondering where they were headed off to, what they had planned for the day. Were they dating, married? What part of town were they from? In this modern day and age, what did the female do for a living? Were they both going to a college?

The modern gentleman and his lady–whatever she is to him–were different from the couple in my book. The young girl is now living in an age where she has choices, rights, and cannot be hauled off to the local insane asylum just because she wants to exert her rights or explore her sexuality or sex in general. She won’t be called a hussy or slut because she’s with a male unchaperoned. Heck, she could be living with her flaming red-headed companion for all we know.

The bottom line is, those two beautiful, real creatures live a totally different lifestyle this day and age than Rose and Daren did in my novel. And as for me, I’m glad I caught a brief glimpse of them, even for just a few seconds before we all three headed of into the morning sun.

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