Dance of Desire Is Published!!

Dance of Desire

 Oh, I’m so excited about this one! This latest work is the first from my new series: House Tales From The Archives. These stories will feature characters (actual or mentioned) from the first novel, Pleasure House. In this particular story, Daren, the sexy, red-headed attendant finds Serena, an admit from the other side of The House, dancing alone in a clearing one night. Smitten by her beauty, he continues to go to the clearing hoping to catch a glimpse of her.

When he sees her do something rather unusual one night, he vows to have her with him on his naughty side of The House. During an afternoon outing, Serena’s questioning of Daren make him fear the worst: Is she falling in love with him?

He soon discovers, however, that she really has her heart set on someone else in the community. A crafty teacher, Daren provides her only one opportunity to win the love of her heart, or else remain a resident at The House, forever abandoned by her family and society.

Can she do it? When she’s put to the test, her resolve nearly crumbles, endangering her only hope for freedom and to the one she loves.

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