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Mistress Of The House Is Published!


Another House Tale Book is birthed and ready to be enjoyed by readers! As someone told me, this is the best of them all! I have to admit, I’m pretty proud of it, if I say so myself. Thelma has just returned from her treatment at The House, and she’s primed and ready to practice what she’s learned on her darling Harry, the main squeeze in her life. Little does he suspect what she’s up to, but in the meantime, he’s enjoying the royal, sexy treatment Thelma begins to lavish on him. If you read Pleasure House, you’ll remember Thelma’s conversation with Rose, and how she managed to get Harry to propose. But no major details were given, so if you want the full scoop, read Mistress Of The House, and learn how a woman took charge of her life–and her man!


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