For all you guys out there, do you like sirens and sexy, hot-blooded lusty vixens in bed, one who takes control of activities in the bedroom and leaves you panting for more? Do all you women want to be like these alluring creatures, with all their sensuous, flirty, and confident ways?

As I write my current WIP, Mistress Of The House, Thelma Starnsby, fresh from her stint at The House, is just that woman who is a powerful seductress who finds a way to practice all her sexual schooling on her beloved Harry Wisenburg, the man who sets her heart on fire. Hurt by his first wife, who turned their marriage bed into a proverbial icebox, Harry has repressed his sexual desire, refusing to acknowledge carnal pleasure in any way. But little by little, Thelma leads him into a hotbed of fun, exploration, and self-discovery, allowing him to return to the pleasures of sexual bliss.

Readers who have read Pleasure House, will remember that Thelma actually showed up and talked a little bit to Rose, telling her how she lured Harry into her web of intrigue. Like Wille and Louise, who come to life in Master Of The House, Thelma and Harry also come to life in this new WIP. And I must say, as I work on this current piece, I enjoy seeing these characters emerge, just like I saw Wille and Louise evolve in Master Of The House.

I’ll be telling more about this new work in future posts, but in the meantime, think about women and how you view them where sex is concerned. Do you like vixens in bed, or do you like the quieter, more submissive type? Do you like women calling the shots? Do you think men can be insecure about their performance in bed? Can a bad sexual relationship turn a man off completely from sex, making him shy away or give up? Do you think we have evolved or devolved in our views and treatment of women? I’d love to hear what you think, so don’t be afraid to speak up!

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