Thoughts on the Barbie movie, and why Weird Barbie is my favorite doll. Like many people, I couldn’t wait to see the new Barbie movie that came out. A movie about toys and dolls I played with when I was a little girl! I was hooked. My spouse, being the gracious man he is, took me to see it, and the messages and meta messages were palpable. Amid a plastic wonderland, with sharp contrast to the “Real World”, a not so bright and plastic place, we saw a role reversal that left many yelling and screaming “man-hater!”

On a simple note, I chose to see the role reversal of the Kens in Barbie Land as a reflection of how many females feel in the real world. When I heard Ken ask Barbie how it feels to be an accessory, over-looked, and second-best, (not his exact words), I could hear millions of women thinking the same question but applying it to themselves. One thing you could see, a complete patriarchy or matriarchy isn’t good for anyone in either world.

There are other comparisons and opinions I could share about this interesting toy doll movie, but I really want to focus on Weird Barbie. You see, I never had a Weird Barbie, though I had the Barbie dolls, along with Midge and Skipper. But there was something wonderful and special about Weird Barbie that will stay with me. I’ll tell you why…

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