House Tales (Books 1-4) In ONE Collection!
Bio Scarlet Darkwood

I’ve been toying with this for quite a while, and finally took the plunge: I’ve placed books 1-4 of the House Tales under one roof. There is now a companion book to Pleasure House. Just to note, Pleasure House will always be sold separately. This companion book, House Tales, contains the books, Dance Of Desire, Master Of The House, Mistress Of The House, and Taming Bad, all under one decadent, steamy roof. I not only have this book in ebook, but in print as well.

The beauty of the House Tales is that a reader can continue enjoying the adventures of the patients/admits who come to The House or who have left The House, and continue using their skills for capturing the heart of one they love. There are romantic elements, but these stories are not the tropes a reader finds everywhere these days. Just like Pleasure House, House Tales books still contain the high-level kink inspired by the very first book to kick off the collection.

I’m extremely excited about this book, and hope readers don’t stop at just Pleasure House. There are so many other stories to read that intersect with the world of The House. The books will still be available in their individual ebook formats, and I still have a few copies of the print versions of the books left, but once they are sold, you’ll only be able to get the individual stories via ebook. But remember, you can’t read just one! So get the whole enchilada instead.

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