How Tarot Can Help

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“The enemy of success isn’t failure, it’s judgment”. A group admin posted this on Facebook this morning when she discovered how people react when things don’t go their way in running their business. Life throws a curveball, the numbers aren’t up, people aren’t that into you, and suddenly you’re upset because you have to do something to help keep the dream alive, like *gasp* get a second job or change the business plan. It’s like we loathe ourselves if we have to work “like other people.”

It’s a fear entrepreneurs have, and it’s easy to berate yourself, and worse, give up and quit. I have to be honest, I’m in that category of giving up too easy at times. Sometimes it’s good to chuck something if it’s truly not good for you, but much of the time when it’s your dream and there is a market for what you’re offering, it’s much better to sit back, take a deep breath, and regroup, maybe get some expert help. One millionaire said it’s how you get up from failure that makes you successful.

That’s the beauty of tarot. It can show many possibilities, and even the position of “final outcome” is not really final. Nothing is final because you can make decisions on how to change something. You will gain the knowledge to head something off at the pass. You can also make a decision not to judge yourself as a failure. There are times you just have to rethink things and try a different approach.

The enemy of success isn’t failure, it’s judgment. (Marisa Adele, group admin of Holistic Entrepreneurs Facebook group)

In a business reading, Tarot can show you where you are at a given time and some things you can do to move forward, show you other considerations to be more successful. It can show you what to avoid. Do you keep going? Wait it out? Chuck it and try something different? Stop judging prematurely? Those are some questions you can explore. The tarot is not going to indicate you’re an awful business owner because you discovered a second stream of income is what you need right now so your “final outcome” can be having the business of your dreams. A reading can give you insight and pointers on what to do or what you may need to avoid.

Judging yourself as a failure and by whether or not you now have to take that icky day job like all the little people in the world will probably stop you dead in your tracks. Your thoughts go in a downward spiral and your whole vibration is spiraling down with it. Dreams are not manifested by downward spirals. Having that extra income may take the pressure off you for a while, give you some added cashola to invest in your business so you can try some different approaches.

If you want to succeed, you first have to live in gratitude and always know things aren’t lost because you have to either slow down or take a detour. Tarot can also show what you can be grateful for. There are all kinds of spread that are done to help.

The next time you’re in a quandary, a good tarot reading and hiring a business coach afterward may do the trick, and you’ll be up and running again soon.

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