You either grow up with it, familiar with its use for as far back as you can remember, or you are suddenly mesmerized, pulled in, not fully understanding why.

I had never really thought about it before, why I liked the tarot. Oh, sure, I “knew” the answer in my mind, on some level. But when my business coach asked me, “What led you to tarot? What’s your story?” I found myself having to rack my brain over what seemed like simple questions.

In my family, we didn’t know about tarot cards. We practiced the Christian faith. That belief system says anything dealing with divination or the occult is bad. Any practice of it will doom your soul for all eternity. It wasn’t until I was living on my own for the first time and shopping in one of the stores in downtown Nashville that I discovered my first tarot deck.

The shop where I bought The Mythic Tarot doesn’t exist anymore and hadn’t for a number of years. The Mythic Tarot, however, can still be purchased online. I remember being strangely attracted to the line of decks that were available for purchase but feeling some trepidation at the thought of purchasing one of them. As I read the boxes and viewed a glimpse of what these cards did, something pushed me into purchasing my first deck–because it not only had the deck and guidebook, but it also had the spread cloth with it. Can’t get better than that! I remember feeling more relaxed as I read the guidebook and learned what tarot was really all about.

It’s about seeing your inner intuition colorfully and artfully displayed in front of you.

Once I understood that concept and saw what having your inner knowing illustrated in plain print was like, I lost all fear and never looked back. I studied the cards, trying to grasp the meanings, trying to connect each one to its own card (a daunting task, to say the least!). I did practice spreads on myself. My questions were not the most appropriate, as I have learned now. I also pulled and repulled cards, seeing if I got a different answer, which I also now know is frowned upon by card readers.

But I kept practicing. One time I read for four hours at a convention! Then I’d put the cards away for a while, have to scramble to re-learn them and brush up again on their meanings when I had to read for friends or co-workers. Fast forward to the present, I drew a line in the sand and decided to become a certified tarot reader, making knowledge of the cards my number one priority.

As I have read over the years, I discovered that I had a love for tarot and the joy I got from helping people learn about themselves.

I love reading cards. I love the insight and most of all, the transformation that occurs when there is knowledge, and that someone can now act on something or sit still and wait a while longer.

The cards address just about every aspect of yourself and most any life situation. It’s the cards in their spreads with certain position labels that make all the difference between readings.

No matter, though. Despite those variables, one thing is always certain. A tarot reading will consistently give you the best insight and information you need at the time.

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