When I did my first Zoom readings, clients asked if the reading would work if I chose the cards for them. There’s a myth floating around (and quite understandable) that you must chose your own cards because of . . . energy! Yeah, that’s it. Energy. It’s your energy that picks the right cards.

Guess what? Your reader can just as easily choose the right cards. Why? Energy–there’s that term again! All sarcasm aside, and never intending any offense to start with, how does this energy thing work, anyway?

We are all energy, and there is a matrix that anyone can tap into if they tune in. This means if I’m clear enough and concentrating, tapping into the energy field, I can tune into yours once I reach your frequency. That’s how I get my impressions before and during the reading. Any good psychic or serious card reader goes through preliminary steps beforehand, asking angels/guides/spirits to help. Their mind being thus opened, they receive information. We prime ourselves, so to speak.

When I’m tuned in to you, I am also led to the cards that are chosen with care, intuition guiding all the way. As I think of my spread and associated positions, I pull the cards that stands out to me for each location. When I’m finished, I review the spread as a whole, getting a quick feel for what I’m seeing, what cards in certain positions stand out the most, colors, suits, images, and then I begin telling the client what I see.

There will hopefully be what we call “hits”, which means that card and its position resonate with the reader. That’s where the “aha” moment comes for most clients, and that’s also what creates the mystery. How did the cards or the reader know that? We also need to keep in mind that the client, in focusing on their question, also tapped into the matrix and helped guide the selection.

I’ve done readings both way, in-person and via Internet (Zoom/Skype), and the results were the same. There were usually hits that hit home with the client. Even when I did a personal reading and still selected the cards, the results were the same. And I have to note one other thing, there are card readers who will never allow clients to handle their cards because of–you guessed it–energy!

Imagine all kinds of people handling your cards. They’ve left their energy residue all over your cards, not to mention oils, grime, or anything else from their hands. Some readers have said clients bent or tore their cards by accident. If that’s a reader’s go-to deck, damaging that deck is highly upsetting.

So clients, don’t fret! You don’t have to physically select your own cards to have a successful, meaningful reading. Just focus, concentrate, tap in, and you can guide your reader to pick what will give you an insightful spread and a reading that will help you make a much wiser decision had you decided to tackle your problem alone.

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