Tarot Card spread

I’m so excited about this. I’ve been reading cards for over thirty-five years, and reaching this moment makes my efforts so much more official for me. I have enjoyed studying metaphysics/occult/tarot for many years, and now I hope to put all that knowledge into practice by helping others discover their true potential and empower them into making decisions that help life go a lot smoother.

The tricky part of this, to me, is blending this endeavor with my joy of being an author, as this blog will now share space with two subjects I whole-heartedly love. I have books that incorporate mystical themes, but we all know that life is not scripted, and we don’t each have a writer orchestrating everything for us.

We write our own story, where we add, delete, and change constantly. When things get boring, we attempt to spice up our life a bit. When it gets wild and untamed, we find ourselves on the brink of collapse before we put on the brakes, turn ourselves around, and go another direction.

I have learned that tarot readings are not relegated to parties and something fun to do when you’re out and about or bored. It’s not something to do just because it’s exciting, and “Oh, it’ll be fun!” Well, yes, it is exciting to have a reading, but I encourage prospective clients to look at it much differently. Look at your readings as a reflection of your own intuition and subconscious staring you in the face–because that’s what it is!

When you are staring at those cards and understanding what they mean, life becomes much clearer, and you make decisions with purpose and power. Your paths may not always be tidy and smooth, but good, meaningful tarot readings can help so much by showing you other aspects you may not have considered, thus you avoid problems or perhaps go a direction that may be brighter for you.

I’ll be posting more on here about tarot and even some of my mystical experiences. More than anything, I hope sharing my journey encourages you on yours!

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