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I can’t believe I published a Sci-Fi-Fantasy book! That is not my genre. That is not my genre. That is not my genre. So why would I have gone and done it? In junior high and high school, I used to read Sci-Fi. Star Trek was the starter for me. I had two hard-bound versions of the books that had all the episodes you saw on TV. In high school, there was Ursula K. Le Guin’s Left Hand of Darkness. Those books were enjoyable, and I spent many hours reading.

Somewhere along the way between maturing and settling into the mature age, I stopped that genre and switched to Chic Lit. Nothing would satisfy me more than writing Chic Lit, but I don’t have the light, humorous side to me at all. Reading it, however, is a joy. But I haven’t answered the reason why Surya now exists.

The honest answer is that I fell so in love with the cover that I purchased it. After much thought and soul-searching, I really wrote the story I had always been longing to write, just as much as Chic Lit. A story about Atlantis. Some people don’t believe this continent existed. I do. How can you not believe it existed when there are so many underwater findings in the Atlantic Ocean, where a sunken city has been located?

But this story could not be just about Atlantis as a whole. Why? Because Atlantis didn’t end as a whole. What happened to it was a series of destructions, known as the first, second, and third/final destruction. Before the first destruction, Atlantis was one big land mass. After the first cataclysm occurred, Atlantis broke up into several islands. After the second destruction, many of the islands sank, leaving the largest remaining islands, Poseidia and Aryan, and three smaller ones Atalya, Og, and Eyre. There may have been a few more, but they are not named.

What was once a continent that contained a utopian lifestyle slowly degraded into one of greed and corruption, much of what we are seeing in our own time today. A life where beings walked with gods soon became a life where human connection with spirit dissipated, leaving a godless mass. Don’t get me wrong, there were many good people, but the whole of everything had slipped terribly.

With that continent came a use of the highest technology, some of which we haven’t even re-discovered yet. The use of crystals. Their use in daily life permeated Atlantis. We still have not found out how to used it again. People who were connected to spirit could do things that seemed like magic today. To them, it was a way of life.

When I wrote Surya, I struggled with the start of the book. I really doubted myself and questioned if I had not made a mistake thinking I could write something like whatever it was I was going to write. Maybe I would just have to gaze at the gorgeous cover I bought and enjoy it for an art form. However, I had some good betas and my spouse who helped set me in the right direction. Once I shed the cloak of the genre itself and worried about what it needed to sound like because of the genre, I took off with the story. The plot line became easier to write. It was easier to inject conflict and action. I found myself researching things I never would have dreamed of.

I’ve never studied information on extra terrestrials and how the human race was created to start with. I didn’t study or read about war, but I had to just a little to create my characters. The ideas started to flow, and in the end, I came out with a great book that I’m proud of!

I hope you’ll grab a copy and read about Surya, his journey, and what he hoped to accomplish. More than anything, I hope I can take you a little on a journey of what supposedly happened before Atlantis sank.

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