The dark night of the soul. They say we’ll all go through one at some point in our evolution, but as for me, that’s one part of my spiritual development I’d love to avoid. But the whole purpose is to rely on spiritual help (and earthly help when it’s available or given), and to learn that the cosmic power and intelligence will help see you through. It’s almost like a forced surrender, falling off that high beam backward, rope around your waist, and expecting the one waiting below to come through and provide the balance you need so you don’t come crashing down to the ground and end up badly hurt. 

Takes a lot of faith and trust to do that, doesn’t it. I really doubt my ability to pull through hard times too gracefully. But I’m creating this post in honor of a wonderful person I know, whom I’m hoping others of you, my dear subscribers and others who find this blog, can help her in a desperate time of need. Nymph Du Pave has been a writing companion of mine ever since I published my first novel, Pleasure House. She beta reads for me, gives me advice, and answers all my crazy questions when things come up. She’s truly been a blessing for me, and I’d be lost without her support.

Just a few days ago, her spouse had a horrible motorcycle accident, making her acutely aware that life can change in the flash of an instant. She’s undergoing her own personal trauma as she helps her spouse on the long road to recovery. The whole nasty affair has left her feeling like one in a dream. Also, she’s dealing with the physical aspects of trauma: nausea, poor appetite, decreased energy (which I’m sure flairs up when the adrenalin kicks in). However, as a result of the accident, her spouse is unable to help bring in income. As a result, my friend is trying to sell her writing and jewelry  so she can support the two of them. Her jewelry is fun and bohemian, and if you’re looking for some fun gifts for yourself or someone else, supporting her Etsy shop would be a great way to help. She’s also a writer, and her works can be found on Amazon under her name, Nymph Du Pave.  I’m including links below so you can see what she’s all about. Not only would she appreciate it, I would too. I appreciate all you readers who have purchased my books, and as a fellow writer, she’ll deeply appreciate your support as well. I want to say thank you in advance if any one of you choose to help. My hope is that you’ll be doubly rewarded!
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