Yes, I must admit I’m too nervous to pick up the pen right now. Or better described, too scared to start pecking away at the keyboard to start my next WIP. But let me clarify. There are actually two WIPs I have. Wait, come again? Two WIPs? Yes, TWO! I’ve just completed a new (and my first) paranormal romance, Destiny’s Last Chance, which is still in the editing process. Now I’m ready to start on a historical romance/romantic thriller, Mad Betrayal.

I need to put out some snippets from Destiny, but I want better edits before I tease a little. But Mad Betrayal, yes, yes, yes. What to say about that one? First of all, it will be set in Tennessee, both West and East. There will also be an asylum involved, train rides, and new romance. Claire, the MC in Mad Betrayal will get to test her wings as a woman on her own, in 1941, where women still viewed men as a social and economical life raft. But why the trepidation to start writing this one?

The problem with it is deciding how to start. I have an idea, but I want it to feel right before I put in the effort. I want to present the material so there’s no confusion, but I want it to be a little different than what I normally do. I think I can pull it off, and if I actually sat down and started to write, it all might come out like it usually does for me when I write. But I’m still holding back. The style of writing I want to present is also holding me back. You see, I’m reading a popular author’s book right now, and I really like her style a lot. However, there seems to be lots of repetition in the story as well as lots of “telly” stuff.

But here’s the thing. While I’m not really fond of the repetition, which I’ve been taught to avoid, I am fond of some of the “telly” stuff, which I’ve been taught to reduce. Maybe–just maybe–if I put my fingers on the keyboard and give it a whirl, something worthwhile might just come out, the right balance to give it all that special “umph.” So here I go. I think I’ll start tonight–or I might give it a go after I clean the shower!

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