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This is the release of my supernatural romantic suspense novel. I say supernatural because it’s not your vampire/werewolf read. It’s a ghost story with a twist, but it mostly reads like a romance. You like the occult? There are some elements of that going on in this book, with a tidbit of horror, the creepy kind that makes your hair stand on end.

In full disclosure, I first released this book under “Destiny’s Last Chance” last July, and after some feedback, I pulled the book so it could get an overhaul. And trust me, it got an overhaul, with the introduction of a new character, a different spin on the mansion where the main character works, along with a more tightened up romance between Kit and Dwight. Even the ending is extended.

All in all, the book has a more broadened feel to it, with Kit doing more action-oriented activities than the more reactive role she took on in the first book. Let me tell you, I did some major work on this book, removing over fifteen thousand words. It didn’t seem as bad when I looked at the actual number removed, but try creating new scenes, new plot lines, smoothing in the new with the old … Needless to say, I got a grip on it all and got it together, and in the end, came out with an even more solid book. Readers are liking it a lot.

This book came about as an inspiration from a dream I had near the end of 2014. In the book Kit starts having dreams about an old classmate. I did too–very simple, straight, to the point–no action, just the vision of the person. Of course this book is a work of fiction, but there are several elements of truth in this book.

For giggles and grins, I’ll do a list of fact, and then I’ll do a list of fiction:


  1. I had a dream about an old classmate
  2. He died in a car accident soon after graduation
  3. We attended the same church throughout high school
  4. The church was a Catholic church
  5. The classmate truly had a whispery, high-pitched laugh that I can still hear in my mind
  6. The classmate was an adept artist
  7. In 4th grade, the classmate sat behind me, drawing all the time–one day he sketched a copy of the cover of my library book, Helen Keller
  8. He was a star football player
  9. A psychic female friend from high school and I did a phone session, channeling this classmate that I dreamt about–he “spoke” to us.
  10. There really was the one girl in school that people avoided (even in grammar school they avoided her).
  11. When I was a little girl, an old lady gave me a crystal rosary that belonged to her husband. She never had kids. I still have the rosary!
  12. I’m a coffee addict, and sweets are my downfall
  13. I really own a VW Beetle


  1. There never was a romance between me and the classmate that appeared in my dream (we ran in completely different circles
  2. The classmate never went out on a date with the strange girl in school for any reason
  3. I’ve never lit a candle  to a patron saint in a church
  4. No one in my family owns a beautiful old mansion, nor did I ever spend time in one growing up
  5. I’ve never lived in an historical district
  6. I’ve never experienced paranormal activity of any kind
  7. The classmate, to my knowledge, never received a scholarship to college for football
  8. I’ve never had to choose between two people in a romantic situation
  9. Of course, the setting, people, and happenings are ALL fiction!

If you have purchased Destiny’s Last Chance and would like a copy of this new book, please let me know. I don’t want readers angry because they’ve purchased similar books. If you do read this new version and can leave a review on Amazon, B&N, and Goodreads, that would be most appreciated!

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