Can men and women be “just friends?” Can a non-married couple have a relationship without sex? How long can they usually go before they do? We know non-married couples do have sex. There are married couples who don’t. The question stirs up hearty debates.

Some say yes, while others give a resounding no? Some will give one answer in a group, while saying the exact opposite if you talk to them alone. I’d never thought much about the question myself, but once I did, I decided to share my answer on Christian Jensen’s blog, Beautiful Stories For Ugly Children. If you’re interested in reading what I have to say about the matter, head on over to Christian’s blog and read it for yourself! Feel free to leave your comments there, or you can comment here.

Men, Women, And The Circles Of Sex Or Celibacy

What are your thoughts? Do you think men and women can be just friends? If so, why, how? If you don’t think so, why not?

(On a side note: Christian, a fellow author, and I met at my shop in Nashville. En route to pick up his newly adopted dog, he decided to stop and chat. What a wonderful thing to have met a virtual person in the flesh. We talked about all things Booktrope, writing, sharing what worked for us, what didn’t, and new things we were trying. After inviting me to guest-post on his blog, I’d decided this issue of men, women, sex or celibacy warranted further discussion).

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