Like in most of the House books, dancing is involved, and Master Of The House is no exception. If you haven’t read this book, the newest release in the House Tales From The Archives collection, just know that Wille takes Louise to a private, erotic art show, and the two characters are in for a real treat at the end: a live risqué burlesque act, where sensual belly dancing meets The Full Monty.

When creating this scene, I had to get an idea of what belly dancing looked like, and consider if I even wanted this style of dancing in the scene. When I viewed some videos, I found exactly what I was wanting. Now, belly dancing doesn’t require the dancer to “take it all off,” but the moves are smooth, titillating, and beautiful, really. And the costumes, I must say, are gorgeous, much like you might see in ballroom dance gowns. The fabric is flowing, bejeweled, colorful, and allows the body to move freely.

As I watched talented dancers, I came to appreciate the ways they undulated their bodies, shimmied their hips, and how they could makes those breasts pop up and down. I won’t even begin to think I could do any of that at my age, but I can sure use those moves to create a fun scene in a novel.

But in this erotic romance story, I couldn’t resist having my dancer take it all off at the end–just quick–right before the lights go off, leaving the audience staring, open-mouthed. The viewers in my scene got more of an eyeful than viewers who saw the Broadway version of The Full Monty, but as you know, “poetic license” allows me to do this and not get sued. I’ve included a video of Alla Kushnir on Ukraine’s Got Talent. I hope you enjoy the true beauty of the dance and moves as much as I did.

And I hope it entices you to purchase a copy of Master Of The House so you can see what happens after Willie and Louise leave the art show.

Inspiration For Burlesque Scene

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